Accurate & Reliable Data Acquisition

Datascan Products & Services


Measurement Processors

The measurement processors provide the processing power and communications for the distributed Datascan systems. The modules have an integrated 16 bit ADC, and RS232 port to connect to the host computer.

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Analog Modules

A range of Analog I/O expansion modules for the Datascan 7000 Measurement processors (Voltage, Thermocouple, 4-20mA Current, RTD, PT100, Strain, Resistance Input; Voltage or 4-20mA Current Output).

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Digital Modules

A range of Digital I/O expansion modules for the Datascan 7000 Measurement processors. These can provide isolated digital inputs, outputs, or a combination. Digital channels can be used for low frequency counting.

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Network Interfaces

The Datascan 7000 range includes two network interface units which enable the Datascan I/O units to be sited at a distance from the main control room computer or to be connected to a system running Modbus software.

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